Smart Cities are cutting-edge future cities that provide safe and comfortable life to citizens with effective urban management by processing various city information collected through intelligent infrastructure.

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C/S CENTER : 고객센터

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인천스마트시티는 IFEZ Smart-City 구축 및 운영을 근간으로 인천 내 타 지역의 Smart-City를 연계하여 도시통합운영 및 S-Service를 제공합니다.


Incheon Smart City Corporation leads the development of advanced cities in overseas markets.

Integrated Platform

Provides core functions for real-time decision-making necessary to safely operate and manage the entire city.

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Baro Bus (BIS)

Bus information is produced in the integrated platform and served directly to on-site terminals using web-based technology.

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Environment Drone Platform

Environment information is produced in the integrated platform and served directly to on-site terminals using web-based technology.

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Intelligent Vehicles CRM

Smart CRM Platform that provides IoT AI self-driving customized services.

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Cloud Data Center

Applies the SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) Technology and guarantees the solubility and scalability of infrastructure resources and the provision of sustainable smart city services.

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Smart Device

It provides smart facilities management services to operate the center 24 hours a day through the stable operation of smart devices.



Incheon Smart City Corporation is the local government’s IT service company specialized in consulting, designing and operating smart cities.
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· 개인정보의 수집 및 이용목적 개인정보의 수집 및 이용목적에 동의합니다.

스마트시티의 운영대행

첨단 IT기술을 바탕으로 도시통합운영센터를 통해 도시를 효율적으로 관리하고, 시민들에게 유용한 서비스를 제공하는 도시를 운영합니다.

Incheon Smart City Corporation manages cities effectively through an integrated operation center based on cutting-edge IT, and provides useful services to citizens.

스마트시티 시스템 개발 구축

운영비용의 절감,최적화,가치증대를 위해 상업빌딩과 주거공간들을 대상으로통합운영센터에서 운영,관제,관리 및 공공 정보 제공등의 광역관리 통합 서비스를 제공합니다.

The integrated operation center provides integrated management services using public data to commercial buildings and housing spaces to reduce and optimize operational costs and increase value.

스마트시티 연구개발

인천스마트시티의 기술연구소는 정부 및 지자체의 스마트시티 연구개발을 수행하고 있습니다. 4차 산업혁명과 더불어 스마트시티 핵심기술인 사물인터넷, 클라우드, 인공지능, 빅데이터, 무인이동체 관련 전문기술 및 전문가를 보유하고 있으며 국내외 연구기관, 학계 및 유망창업기업과 함께 스마트시티 확산을 위해 노력하고 있습니다.

The Technology Research Center of Incheon Smart City Corporation is conducting research and development projects related to smart cities to central and local government authorities. It holds core technologies of smart cities compatible to the 4th Industrial Revolution including IoT, Cloud, AI, Big Data, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), etc. with the best experts in the area who are working to the expansion of smart cities alongside prospective organizations and national and international research and academic institutes.

INCHEON SMART CITY Related Institutions

Established as a local government owned company to support and execute Incheon and IFEZ's smart city initiatives.